Pollination Services

We supply pollination services to cherry and apple orchardists in the Creston Valley, as well as specialty services for small-lot berry, bush fruit and vegetable growers.

We adhere to recommended provincial standards for honey bee colony pollination strength. Typically this is eight frames of bees, four frames of brood in all stages, and one laying queen. More often, however, our hives are much larger. All will have a good foraging force of bees.

Typically we supply single-box colonies with room for growth. We do a walk-through site assessment with each new account to ensure we place hives in the best locations. We typically deliver hives at about 10 percent bloom but will work with individual growers’ needs.

We use standard multi-year signed pollination contracts to assure our customers our best service and to allow them to plan for year-over-year needs. The contract guarantees delivery times, locations and hive strength. It also outlines farm restrictions on the use of pesticides and fungicides while our bees are in the field. Payment is due prior to the placement of colonies; we do not carry accounts.

Cost & Recommended Density of Hives Per Acre

Apple & Pear1-3Use more for higher density plants$100
Sweet Cherry2$100
Tart Cherry1$100
Blueberry1-21-3 Use more for older, higher density$120
Cranberry3Requires pollen sub$130
Plum, Peach, Apricot1$100
Pumpkins & Squashes1-2$60
Raspberry, Strawberry1-3$60
Other vegetablesUp to 3
Alfalfa2-5Depends on density$100
Canola1-3Depends on density$130

*Prices may vary for volume discounts, legacy accounts

See the Canadian Honey Council’s recommended practices for pollination.CHC Pollination Practice GuidelinesUpdated as of February 2019

Updated as of February, 2019