New adventures for Honey Bee Zen Apiaries and Swan Valley Honey

New adventures for Honey Bee Zen Apiaries and Swan Valley Honey

Amanda Goodman Lee and Jeff Lee, the co-owners of Honey Bee Zen Apiaries Ltd, have bought Swan Valley Honey from Doug and Nora Crumback. We will be continuing the tradition of producing great Creston Valley honey. We’re even keeping the same Swan Valley Honey telephone number!
For our loyal Honey Bee Zen customers in the Metro Vancouver area, there will be little change. We’re keeping that name, too, and we’re going to continue producing our award-winning honey.We’ll also be pollinating select Fraser Valley fruit farms, and continuing our diversification into natural honey-based cosmetics.
In fact, Honey Bee Zen Apiaries Ltd. will be the parent company, with Swan Valley Honey Ltd. operating as a division.
We’re now processing and producing this year’s crop from our honey yards in both the Creston Valley and Fraser Valley. We’ll be moving to Creston over the summer.
We expect to continue supplying our Lower Mainland clients and will also be bringing in our Swan Valley honey. We’re also going to be at a number of Christmas and holiday craft fairs in November.
For our new clients in the Kootenays, this also means access to our great artisanal honeys, produced under the Honey Bee Zen label.
As with all winning businesses, the secret to both Honey Bee Zen and Swan Valley will be continuity. Customers can expect the name and quality will remain the same, with some modifications and expansion. In the fall we plan to introduce creamed honey, and even a little bit of Buckwheat that we have acquired from the Prairies.
We will be continuing and even expanding the provision of pollination services to orchardists in the Creston Valley and select berry growers in the Fraser Valley.
Lastly, we will be producing livestock – queens and nucleus colonies – starting next year.
We’d like to wish Doug and Nora well in their new life in Alberta.

How to contact us:

Swan Valley Honey: 250–866-6861
Jeff Lee: jeff (at) honeybeezen (dot) com
Cell: 604-328-5028
Amanda Goodman Lee:
amanda (at) honeybeezen (dot) com
Cell: 604-777-5430

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