Two Years On, An Interview About Beekeeping Careers

Two Years On, An Interview About Beekeeping Careers

It’s been two full beekeeping seasons since Amanda and I took over an established commercial operation in Creston. It meant leaving our familiar urban milleu of Vancouver and environs, and building a new life in British Columbia’s rural southeast corner.

Now, as we also launch a newly-redesigned website, some of our experiences and views about changing our careers have been documented in an interview with Stuart McNish, the award-winning broadcaster and creator of “Conversations That Matter”.

I’ve known Stu since his days as a BCTV reporter nearly 30 years ago, and have watched as he also made the transition away to another career. In this case, he built the independent Oh Boy Productions company, and has gone on to create a business that pointedly engages in long-form conversational dialogue with many of the world’s most influential people.

Amanda and I are not in that category; I would say we are merely interesting people to him because of the beekeeping business we own and the unusual way we changed our careers.

Stu has growing and popular YouTube channel where he has also ventured out into talking about “careers that matter’ He recently asked us to talk about the passion that I think lies at the heart of our lives. It is the bedrock of what keeps Amanda and I motivated in whatever we do, whether it is keeping bees, serving our community through our volunteer participation on boards, or building a business, employing people and producing a quality product desired by our customers.

Accuracy and transparency have always been keystones of my work as a journalist, and I am pleased to say that Stu’s production and editing of this little video is an accurate representation of our interview with him.

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