The Fun of Our Award-winning Honey Sourdough bread

The Fun of Our Award-winning Honey Sourdough bread

It’s pretty gratifying when hard work is rewarded with recognition. In this case, it is Amanda’s own “Bees N’ Seeds” honey sourdough bread. It captured first place and a blue ribbon at the North American Honey Show in Louisville Kentucky, January 2024. It was at Kamon Reynolds’ fabulous North American Honey Bee Expo, and was the largest US one to date.

with perhaps the exception of the Apimondia world bee events.

Amanda made the sourdough loaf about four days before the contest. She then hand- carried it onto the plane wrapped in a large beeswax-soaked cloth wrap to keep it fresh. (Here’s our video on how to make beeswax wraps.)

It was nerve-wracking to watch it go through the airport security X-ray machine. She had to be very careful not to let the loaf get bumped, scraped, dented or dried out.

Since the win she had been inundated for copies of her recipe. She had this on her own using established sourdough baking principles. She titled this honey sourdough bread in a homage to both our bees and the healthy dose of various seeds she used. You can find the recipe here.

Amanda with her winning "Bees N' Seeds" honey sourdough bread.
Amanda with her winning “Bees N’ Seeds” honey sourdough bread.

We didn’t have the forethought to create photos of the making and baking process. We’ll add them afterwards when we do another loaf.

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  • James Cosgrave

    Nice!!! And congratulations on commitment and love of bees rewarded!

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