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Treat yourself to 100% pure, 100% natural honey, comb honey, pollen, and beeswax-related products.


Find a variety of sizes for our Swan Valley BC Wildflower honey and Kootenay Wildflower Honey.

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Swan Valley Brand comb honey

Our Swan Valley brand comb honey is as pure and raw as you can get. We practice an old art of creating comb honey with natural beeswax foundation.We produce this in two package

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A selection of creamed honeys from Honey Bee Zen Apiaries.

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New Tea-Lovers, Coffee-Lovers and Holiday Trio 60g creamed honey flavour samplers

Our stunningly smooth creamed honey flavours are delightful! We’ve themed three sampler packs; Tea-Lovers, Coffee-Lovers and Holiday Trio. Try all three!

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From British Columbia’s rich fields, forests and mountains we produce and source unsurpassed wildflower and varietal honeys. We are passionate about our bees, and practice he

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2oz SVH Bear filled with Kootenay WIldflower honey.

A little 2oz Baby Honey Bear! How cute is this? Great for gifts, or a handy way to carry around a small amount of our delectable Swan Valley brand Kootenay Wildflower honey for jus

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A 375g glass bear of our pure, raw Kootenay Wildflower honey.

This cute glass bear holds 375g of our pure, raw Kootenay Wildflower honey, produced right in the Creston Valley from our best hives!This makes a perfect gift for friends and f

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Our signature all-natural lip balms are made with beeswax and propolis from our own hives, as well as sweet almond oil, shea butter, coconut oil and Vitamin E.

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100% Pure Honey

From British Columbia's rich fields, forests, and mountains, we produce and source unsurpassed wildflower and varietal honeys.

Natural Beeswax

Honey Bee Zen offers beeswax-based cosmetics and products, like our lip balms, salves, and candles.

Creston Honey

Wildflower and comb honey produced exclusively from the Creston Valley.