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Who We Are

Honey Bee Zen Apiaries

At Honey Bee Zen Apiaries, the home of Swan Valley Honey, we are known for our sustainable beekeeping practices and our growing list of pure, natural, and unpasteurized terroir-based niche honeys. In addition to being commercial beekeepers, we are a federally-licensed honey processing facility inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and are registered with True Source Honey, an international program that ensures that honey is ethically sourced in a transparent and traceable manner.

Based in the verdant Creston Valley in B.C.’s Central Kootenay region, we produce award-winning honeys derived from a vast array of forages, including alfalfa, managed clovers, snowberry, thistle, wild fruits, fireweed, wild sweet clover and more. The land has provided our Swan Valley branded-honey a gentle, delectable, sweetness sought throughout the province. We supply over 36 retail locations in B.C.

Jeff & Amanda

Our amber and dark niche honeys have won awards and you can almost taste the sunshine that our bees have harnessed to produce such flavourful sweetness.

We are committed to working with farmers who respect the land they use and the bees we provide, and we seek out strong and beneficial relationships. We are interested in the science and breeding of bees, the production of honey and hive products, and trying to resolve the challenges bees and their keepers around the world face.

Amanda & Jeff Lee

Amanda and Jeff began keeping bees first as a hobby and turned their passion into a commercial business in 2012. In 2017, they purchased Swan Valley Honey, an already-established honey producer that serves the Kootenay region, and moved operations from New Westminster. They are both certified instructors under the BCHPA Certified Instructors program designed to ensure quality education for beginning beekeepers. They are also both certified honey judges.

Master Beekeeper

Jeff Lee

In addition to being a Master Beekeeper, Jeff is a writer and editor. A journalist by profession, he has 40 years of experience in reporting, much of it with The Vancouver Sun. He left the newspaper in 2016. He has taught at Langara College and is regularly sought as a commentator and communications expert. He also serves as an executive of the B.C Honey Producers Association. Contact: Jeff – Ph: 604-328-5028 Email: jeff@honeybeezen.com

Master Beekeeper

Amanda Goodman Lee

Amanda is a Master Beekeeper and worked as a beekeeping technician for the University of B.C. on several research projects. She is a former advertising executive with PostMedia and is also a member of Women Leading The Way. Amanda is a former president of the Richmond Beekeepers Association and is on a BCHPA committee. Contact: Amanda – Ph. 250-866-6861 Email: Amanda@honeybeezen.com